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Blockchain Development

Stratonik has well experienced BlockChain Developers who will make sure to secure digital transactions by creating system records & store BlockChain data in a way that prevents changes or hacks.

Platform Development

We develop platforms in a digital manner by connecting people, organizations and resources in an interactive ecosystem through technology. Our experts strive to make your platform run in a smooth and professional manner by developing the fundamental software that makes hardware work & provides a platform for application development.

ICO Developments

This is a fundraising mechanism for the startups where they sell their crypto tokens in exchange with other currencies. Through ICO investors receive unique crypto tokens in exchange for this monetary investment business.

P2P Exchange Development

Stratonik helps you to create a P2P exchange of assets platform at a market where no central body is involved. This mainly works on fundamentals of BlockChain. It allows buyers and sellers to trade directly without any third party involvement.